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  • Jay June 2015

Signal Processing

edited June 2015 in RADAR Discussions
RADAR is mostly Antennae, Radio hardware, Display hardware, Communication hardware, and Signal Processing. All but the most eccentric Engineer/Scientist has a thorough grasp of the considerable depth and breadth of RADAR Signal Processing. A PHD is not enough; study, study, study, that is the secret. Where RADAR was birthed in the single mode Analog world of Spark Gap transmitters, huge tubes, and Long Wave propagation, modern RADAR is almost completely Digital [Digital Signal Processing and Software Defined Radio], Multimodal, and MIMO (Multiple Input and Multiple Output (Refers to Antennae and Tuners)). Low cost, high speed personal computers able to leap tall buildings in a single bound provide unprecedented opportunity, opening a whole new country of consumer products as yet unexplored.


  • JayJay
    edited June 2015
    Signal Processing Techniques for RADAR...
    Signal Conditioning
      Analogue Bandpass Filter
    Channel Equalization
    Linear Least Squares (LLS)
    Adaptive filtering
      Active Noise Control
    Cross-correlation processing
    Discrete Fourier transform
    Two Dimensional Cross Correlation Function (2D-CCF)
    Target Detection
      Constant False Alarm Rate (CFAR) 
    Line Tracking - Track Association and State Estimation
    Standard and Extended (Unscented) Kalman Filter
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